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One of my favorite places to go in all of the Lassen/Plumas/Sierra County area is a place called Lakes Basin. This basin has many swimmable lakes and creeks, with scenic trails all around. One such lake goes by the name of Salmon Lake. The water is not exactly warm, but on hot days the clear waters of this lake are more refreshing than anything out there. There is ample fishing in this lake, as well as rocks of varying heights to jump off of into the water.
Another great aspect of this area is the ample snow we receive in the winter. You can go sledding on almost all of the mountains that run through the counties, providing an almost endless amount of trails to speed down. One of my favorite things to do in winter is to just spend hours sledding down the hill in my own backyard, using the seemingly endless supply of snow to build jumps and banks and anything else that would further my sledding joy.
The snow also brings the ability to go snowmobiling, bringing you ever closer to the experience of riding on one of those Star Wars speeder bikes.
Certain lakes completely freeze over, allowing for an almost surreal lake walking experience. But the great thing about having it snow in this area is that it doesn’t isolate you from the rest of the world. You still have great internet access and electricity, even with four feet of snow around your house. Yes, this is truly a wonderful place to live; it offers solitude and peace for your soul, while staying in touch with the outside world and keeping up with the latest technologies.
Jack Marshall
Born in Quincy, CA
Now attending UC Santa Cruz

Moving to recreation paradise is easier than you think....

Life in paradise just got better!

Northeastern California has always offered clean air, pristine waters, abundant nature...and a way to get away from the hassles of big city life.

Now this part of California offers all this and a way to stay connected to the world at big city speeds through state-of-the-art technology.

The new fiber optic system, constructed by Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications has brought our schools, hospitals, emergency services and businesses to the next level. For more information on the fiber system, please visit

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There are certain things each of us associates with thoughts of home. When my mind wanders back to the place in which I grew up, I think of spectacular sunsets over the Lake Davis ice, my swing set sheltered beneath sky-scraper pine trees, the burst of sound a covey of quail makes as it takes off from the cedar by my back door. I find myself contemplating the countless deer I’ve watched quench their thirst from the fountain in my yard and the mountains that I’ve explored. Mountains that brim with wildlife, scream adventure and seem entirely untouched by man. And the magical part is: those mountains are as much my home as the roof over my head. Living in this sublime and beautiful area taught me countless lessons and encouraged me to blaze my own trails in life. I would not trade growing up here for anything. Period.
Cassy Gardner
Born in Portola, CA
A Recent Graduate of UC Davis and Controls Engineer at Banks Integration