Rec and Tech
Plumas, Lassen and Sierra counties offer some of the best opportunity for economic development, including commercial and industrial start-ups, expansion and relocation.

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications (PST), a wholly owned subsidiary of Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, has constructed a network of 195 miles of fiber-optic cable throughout Plumas, Lassen and Sierra counties with multiple interconnection points that provides an abundance of bandwidth.

This broadband backbone allows third party providers to reach far beyond their current boundaries to access the unserved portions of the region and substantially increase service to underserved areas—significantly improving the way communities live, learn and work together.

The PST Mid-Mile Fiber Network:
  • Delivers wholesale broadband to local anchor institutions and Internet service providers
  • Creates a competitive environment that supports better value for the end user
  • Improves Internet access at schools, and improves e-learning opportunities
  • Expands access to state-of-the-art medical services through telemedicine
  • Strengthens the local economy, creates jobs and improves public safety
  • Allows telecommuting
  • Increases the value of homes and businesses in the region
  • Provides more opportunities for families and youth to stay or relocate to this area
  • Supports all foreseeable future needs of the area, and provides an opportunity to attract technology-based businesses needing speed and the ability to transfer large amounts of data

The PST Mid-Mile Fiber Network:
  • Delivers competitively priced broadband to the business districts and commercial enterprises along the network route
  • Allows businesses to increase their offerings and customer base through increased, affordable data access

The PST Mid-Mile Fiber Network:
  • Provides local Internet service providers and local incumbent carriers with access to abundant, competitively priced broadband backhaul services, allowing them to expand and improve their services
  • Residential folks will benefit primarily from the increased backhaul access the local ISPs will have available to increase their offerings and speeds